Would you rather volunteer your time instead of giving money? That is So great of you and yes, there are ways to be involved with our work simply by joining our team. Volunteers are the backbone of our work and we simply can’t do it without them. Here are some really cool ways to join our team of support:

Apply to join our annual Summer Leadership Camp:

Dates 21 Jun - 1 Jul 2019

Once a year, Hope Shines runs a core program called the Summer Leadership Camp in Rwanda in late July. This day camp runs for a week with the children of Hope Shines and we take volunteers from all over the world to help us run a memorable and impactful camp program. Our Volunteer Immersion is unique in that you spend your time in Rwanda on the ground directly working with our children and staff as a camp counselor and mentor. During that time in Rwanda, we expose the volunteer to an amazing and life transforming cultural immersion that includes being exposed to the culture, history, and lives of Rwandans.

Apply and begin the process of joining our team through the immersion program! This program is life changing for our volunteers. Could it change yours?

Volunteer for an event:

Events and fundraisers are critical platforms for raising financial resources that support our programs and work in Rwanda. We highly value our event volunteers and rely on you to help us operate the event efficiently. You’re still doing a great deed for us and we like to show that appreciation through making sure you are fed and taken care of at each event. Send us an email at volunteer@hopeshines.org and let us know if we can count on you for helping out. Most events are held in Denver and New York in the Spring and Fall timeframes. Check out the updated Events Calendar to see what interests you.

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