Rugby Day!


It’s Alexa…a first-time Hope Shines volunteer and fundraising intern. Today was day two of camp and I couldn’t be happier to be here.

Amani and Germie at the end of camp!

After loading into the van bright and early, we headed to the center to get going with camp activities. My favorite part of the day is arriving to all of the familiar faces greeting us with lots of hugs. I love welcoming the kids in my group as I am getting to know all of them and their personalities better. After initial welcomes we headed to the Mumena Stadium, where it just so happens that one of the best soccer teams in Rwanda were practicing (spectators even paid to watch this). An unfortunate double booking of the field lead us back to the center to revisit the Hope Shines dance that we have all been trying to learn. With the help of our wonderful translators, the kids and I ran through their routines after we learned a couple of new 8-counts. Although they are often more reserved, they were thrilled to learn a new segment of the dance.

Washing hands before lunch

A little while later we returned to the stadium in not-so-single-file lines in order to receive a rugby lesson from our visitor, Rory.  The kids loved the friendly competition and the opportunity to play some games on the field.  Today brought up the importance of good sportsmanship and reminded the campers how important it is to include everyone, and to have fun whether or not they end up winning the game.

Rory stayed for the whole day and not just for Rugby!

I am so thrilled to be around these children who make the most of everything and remain so positive despite struggles in their personal lives.  I’m looking forward to the adventures to come and day three of camp

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