Liliane Ingabire

Kiza Recycled Soap Development

Liliane joined Hope Shines in September 2020 as our new Business Development Manager for the Kiza Recycled Soap Project. She is very self-motivated and finds interest in reading books that are motivational, historical, and adventurous. She enjoys traveling to different places and networking with new people.

Liliane is from a big family and is the second born of 5 kids. Previous to this new career, she was supported by Hope Shines from a young age that allowed her to attend school and move onto college.  Her challenging and unique background has helped her focus on a  life serving others and giving back to the community. She is the embodiment of Hope Shines and what we stand for. Liliane will graduate in 2021 with an advanced diploma (A1) in Business Development and Entrepreneurship and eventually continue further in her education.

Liliane would like to share her life experience with other youth at Hope Shines to help them achieve more in life. She believes in empowering young ones, working hard, and studying for a brighter future. At her school campus, she is very proud for having served as guild cabinet member and for using her servant leadership to inspire others to be greater leaders. Her mentors are Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey due to their selfless work and inspiring stories.

In her role as Business Development Manager, Liliane will help the Kiza Recycled Soap project grow and reach more vulnerable communities that don’t have access to soap or education on the importance of hand washing and hygiene.

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