Jean Bosco Byirembo

Dance Teacher

Jean Bosco Byirembo is a Rwandan man with one wife and two kids. He joined Hope Shines in 2017 as the dance troupe coach and has helped the kids to drastically improve their dance skills, discipline, unity, and teamwork. As a father of Asuma, one of the Hope Shines students, he is very connected to the organization and sees the benefits his daughter and other children are getting. In 2002, when Jean Bosco was young, he really was drawn to Rwandan traditional dance, called Intore. His love for this dance and his dedication to learning it, eventually brought him to Hope Shines. He lacks a formal education so in addition to being employed by Hope Shines, he often gets paid to dance in a Rwanda traditional dance troupe. The income he gets has helped him to provide for his family.

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