Epiphanie Ahishakiye

Head Cook (and caregiver)

Epiphanie Ahishakiye is a devout Christian Rwandan mother of five children and two adopted children. In her daily life she likes spending more time with kids by teaching them religion and giving them advice. As a widow, she is the mother of Christian, a Hope Shines student and the sole provider in her home. Her lack of a formal education has prevented her in attaining high skilled jobs, but she was able to teach herself how to use a sewing machine and then was able to join a small women’s sewing cooperative. It is not an established cooperative so sometimes they go months without work. As a result, Epiphanie works part time with Hope Shines as the primary cook for the children’s meals that are served 4 days a week during the after-school program. She enjoys working with Hope Shines because she gets to spend time with the kids and care for them. She is a good role model and has a strong work ethic, which positively influences the children and their parents.

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