Egide Nyirigira

Facilties Assistant

Egide Anelka Nyirigira is young Rwandan man who enjoys praying, reading and watching movies. He is considered one of elder mentors to the children of Hope shines. In his family, he is youngest of five children and has only his mother, who is the head of the household. Egide’s duties at Hope Shines involves wearing many hats; He advises children, helps them to study and learn English, assists in logistics of the after-school program, and coordinates schedules and activities at the learning center. In 2008, Egide was first supported by Hope Shines as a young vulnerable child. Through mentorship by Hope Shines and support with school fees and provisions to attend school, he was able to finish his formal education and graduate high school. Egide’s potential and talents are yet to be fully optimized and he hopes to continue to be relied upon to give back to younger children who share his similar life challenges. Because of his passion to help others, his role model is the Hope Shines Executive Director, Dan.

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