Come Tour With Us!

Spend some time with Hope Shines with our unique half–day tour and immerse yourself into the local Rwanda culture and the lives of under-served and vulnerable children cared for by Hope Shines. This tour is designed for those who want to understand the world of an international nonprofit and feel engaged in what is happening in this community. Learn about how the history of this country has shaped its tremendous advancement in the world and how Hope Shines is doing their part to help!

A Half-Day Tour Includes:

• See and learn about the local village and some of its history where Hope Shines works through a walking tour of the village. Also get to know our programs offered with a tour of the learning center!

• Understand and be enlightened about the programs and projects in which Hope Shines works and why they make a difference in the lives of children and their families.

• Taste and enjoy an authentic Rwanda meal shared with the staff and students enrolled at Hope Shines learning center.

• Feel the energy and witness the beauty of the traditional Rwandan dance, Intore, performed and executed by our very own highly talented Hope Shines dance troupe.

• Learn how saving soap is saving lives in the community and beyond. Our social enterprise project called Kiza Recycled Soap is supplying soap to those who need it most in the community! The production team, made up of parents of the children we serve at Hope Shines, will walk you through the process of taking discarded hotel soap and repurposing it into beautiful reusable bars. You will even make your own soap to take home as a souvenir!

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