In partnership with CNN Hero, Samir Lakhani and Eco Soap Bank, this project is transforming lives and communities in Rwanda. As the exclusive distributor of recycled soap in Rwanda, we are excited to educate and provide affordable and sometimes even free bars of soap to those who need it most.


The project serves many needs at Hope Shines. First and foremost, it generates needed revenue that go to support our youth development programs. When we raise money through the growth and sale of vegetables, those profits go directly back into funding the expenses of running our programs, such as the after-school program. Additionally, the project employs local Rwandese in the community. We utilize professionally trained agronomists, project managers, a gardener, and many temporary staff during harvest periods throughout the year. Finally, we provide food! Our produce first gets allocated back to the children and families within Hope Shines and then the rest is sold at markets where the need is greatest. Overall, this project provides a small sense of financial sustainability to our organization as well as improved livelihoods in the district.

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