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Dr. Stephanie

Medical Consultant, Camp Director, Volunteer Coordinator

Dr. Chu is a family medicine physician who has fellowship training in sports medicine. She currently serves as Team Physician for the University of Colorado Athletics and is an appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine with the School of Medicine. Stephanie joined the Hope Shines team...

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Dan Gladden

Dan has been a volunteer with Hope Shines since 2009. He first traveled to Rwanda to help launch the Sports Curriculum portion of our summer camps and he has never turned around. Dan has been to Rwanda 3 times since 2009 and continues to support Hope Shines through presentations to...

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April Riegler

While on vacation in Rwanda in 2007, April met an orphaned girl who in an instant changed the entire course of April’s life. This little girl (the one in the picture!) only wanted to be held. Her need for love and attention was so deep that April spent the rest...

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