1380264_651517158213386_1675826356_nHope Shines understands the HUGE commitment required of our volunteers to travel to Rwanda each summer. However YOU can help while here at home! Some previous fundraisers, which have been planned by our supporters through the years:

15363_508729259158844_1073845431_nSallie Finney Kjos is long time childhood friend of April Riegler’s, Hope Shines’ Founder, and has been dedicated to the children of Hope Shines since it’s foundation. She organizes local children in Virginia to make cards for the children every year for camp which go in their camp kits as well as Christmas cards. Sallie has for 2 years collected, raised and compiled Christmas presents and stockings for the children so that they can have a Christmas party and open presents! Sallie packages and ships ALL of these gifts and cards and has either donated or fundraised nearly $3000 in shipping costs and over $1500 in gifts and school supplies for Hope Shines Camps and Christmas.
IMG_5508Katie lives in Denver, Colorado and when she learned about Hope Shines and Rwanda she wanted to help. She decided that the most “fun” thing she likes to do in the summer is go to a local water park with her friends, so she planned a water park fundraiser for Hope Shines. Pirates Cove in Englewood, CO was rented for an afternoon/evening and closed for this private event where the kids admission went towards Hope Shines programs. In 2 summers Katie raised over $5000 for Hope Shines!
IMG_5459Tim Ung worked with Stephanie Chu in his clinical rotations as a University Student in the Athletic Department at the University of Colorado and then also as a Medical Student. He learned about Hope Shines throughout his clinical sessions and wanted to do something for Hope Shines since he could not volunteer in Rwanda due to his school schedule. Tim and another classmate, Kelsey Ward, decided to create Medical School tee shirts for the University of Colorado School of Medicine and have ALL the proceeds go towards Hope Shines. Tim, Kelsey and the Colorado med students raised over $700 for Hope Shines.
295920_2229488449651_7477184_nAmy Sarch volunteered with Hope Shines in 2011 and when she returned home from her trip she told her children about her experiences and the children in Rwanda. Amy’s daughter Zoe thought of a great fundraiser for Hope Shines, “Zoe’s Chocolate Chewies – handmade gourmet tootsie roll flavors included salted caramel, peanut butter, nutella, oreo, almond, coconut, walnut, chocolate dipped, heath bar crunch…Mitzvah Project fundraiser for Hope Shines.” Zoe raised over $1500 with her yummy chocolate sales.

One of our favorite types of support is our kids helping kids. We have had a number of children develop and plan fundraisers as evident by Katie and Zoe. However, we have also had kids who contribute to Hope Shines by creating projects that makes gifts and games for the children. Some recent projects developed by kids:

College T-Shirts

Brenne Etzel was at it again for the 2014 Hope Shines Summer Camps Program! After helping fundraise and make survival bracelets in 2013 she decided that for the 2014 camps she wanted to do something different. Brenne decided that for College T-Shirt Day during Hope Shines Summer Camps the children should have college T-shirts of their own! She collected brand new college T-shirts from friends, family and acquaintances to be able to give EACH and EVERY child a college T-shirt! The children definitely had smiles on their faces getting new shirts AND feeling included with the Camp Volunteers with their OWN college tees. Thanks BRENNE!!!

Survival Bracelets and Volleyball

Brenne Etzel made her Community Service project for National Junior Honors Society a project to benefit Hope Shines. Stephanie Chu works with Brenne’s mom and after organizing a brainstorming session with a small group of girls, where the girls learned about Hope Shines and then developed a project all on their own! They decided to make the kids each a survival bracelet for their camp kits because it was something fun they all enjoy here in the US as well. After fundraising money for the supplies they reserved rooms at a local library and made 150+ bracelets! Since they had leftover money they decided to use it for volleyballs and volleyball nets and for the FIRST summer Hope Shines introduced Volleyball to our Summer Sports Programs which was a HUGE success!

Math Games

Christine Karabinus’ class at Emerson Elementary in Lakewood, Ohio donated a box full of different math games that were sports related. Each student in the class made up a different math game from addition to exponents related to sports from baseball to football and everything in-between. The class also donated all of the supplies that each game required: rulers, compasses, calculators, dry erase markers, etc. etc. etc. Just when you think the Hope Shines kids can’t sit still at camp as they are always FULL of energy, it is amazing how thirsty they are for learning new things AND how competitive they are with games!

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