Hope Shines is a youth development organization providing vulnerable children with educational, emotional, and life-skills support. One layer of emotional support offered is through our Mentorship Program.

At the core of every child is the innate ability to thrive in life and we believe that caring adult role models matched with youth will result in youth achieving great success as adults.

The Mentorship Program offers a much-needed critical layer of support through meaningful mentor/mentee relationships. The program provides vulnerable children facing extreme adversity in life, the emotional support and care they need to ensure their lives change for the better. The program offers mentor support in a one on one setting by professional high-character adults in their community from diverse backgrounds that complement the children’s needs and personalities. It is by continuous interaction in a positive environment that allows youth to strive for more and stay on a path to success.

The main goals of this program include:

1. Long-term educational success in school

2. Avoidance of high risk behaviors

3. Improved interaction with peers and adults

4. Create a better sense of self, aspire for better, and build confidence

How Does the Program Work?

Mentors are matched with mentees based on gender and how well they complement one another. All mentors are taken through thorough background and character assessments to ensure that our mentee youth are matched with safe and positive role models. Youth are also matched based on interests and need. The match is more successful when we have diverse pairings and with backgrounds and interests in different areas. The ultimate goal of matching is to ensure a happy and comfortable relationship that will last for the minimum of a one-year time period (or longer).

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