The easiest and most useful way to help us in our mission is to donate money. You can choose to make a one-time lump sum donation or set up a recurring monthly donation. By donating monthly you are also helping us plan better for our activities and count on steady income. You may also find that giving smaller amounts more often fits your budget. Either way, our children will love you the same for investing in their lives!


By making a general monetary donation, you can feel assured that the staff of Hope Shines will allocate financial resources to the programs and priorities with the greatest need. As our programs evolve and our children grow, so too will the challenges of the work that needs to be done.


Do you want to donate towards a specific program or project? No problem, we can take donations for any of our programs or projects you choose. You can read all about our programs and projects on the donation page and then choose how you want your money spent. We will direct your contribution to that area of need and you can keep track of the donation and how it was used!


In-kind donating just means that a good or service is given instead of money and we totally understand that sometimes you just want to give things rather than money. We get it so don’t worry. And that’s great for us because we can also use this level of support! Because our in-kind needs mostly involve education supplies to support our after-school program, we provide a wish list once a year in the Spring. Items typically needed include school supplies such as pens and pencils, supplies for the learning center, and hygiene products such as oral and feminine hygiene. Most supplies collected are taken over with us during the camp program in late July.

If you are a service provider and have a skill that you would like to donate pro-bono, please send us an email at and we can set up a time to learn more about a potential partnership with you or your company. Past examples of pro-bono service providers are legal services, graphic design, general consulting, and tax accounting.



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