Dr. Stephanie

Dr. Stephanie

  • Medical Consultant, Camp Director, Volunteer Coordinator

Dr. Stephanie is a family medicine physician who has fellowship training in sports medicine. She currently serves as Team Physician for the University of Colorado and is an appointed Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine with the School of Medicine.

Stephanie joined the Hope Shines team in 2009 as a volunteer and quickly realized the medical needs of the Rwandan orphans she was privileged to have the opportunity to meet and mentor. Her experience in Kigali that summer led her to broaden her involvement and become the Medical and Hygiene Consultant for Hope Shines. She conducts routine physical exams on the children of the camps every summer in order to implement Preventative Medicine and Family Medicine for these Rwandan children. She has been traveling to Rwanda every summer since 2009 and affectionately calls it her “home away from home.”

After serving as a volunteer for 3 consecutive summers Stephanie took on the role of Camp Director for the 2012 and 2013 camps. She interviews all potential volunteers and coordinates the volunteers travels and experiences in Rwanda with Hope Shines. Stephanie has taken on this role for Hope Shines with excitement and energy and cannot WAIT for another summer! Stephanie works with Hope Shines on a volunteer basis and without salary.

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