Gina Fu – Camp Counselor…

Posted Wednesday August 06, 2014 by hopeshines

After having been a camp counselor for many summers in the United States, I am having quite a different experience with the Hope Shines camp in Rwanda. I was pretty...

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CSC Camps have started their 7th Year!

Posted Tuesday August 05, 2014 by hopeshines

Muraho! The first day of Hope Shines camp at the Child Support Centre (CSC) was a blast! For the returning volunteers and translators it was amazing to finally be reunited...

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SINAPISI Graduation and the Last Day

Posted Sunday August 03, 2014 by hopeshines

SINAPISI Graduation… SINAPISI and Peace Village along with the rest of the orphanages and orphans in Rwanda will be going through a MAJOR change by January 2015. Rwanda will be...

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Health Checks

Posted Friday August 01, 2014 by hopeshines

This is the 3rd consecutive year where Hope Shines is doing health checks consistently and recording the data. We hope to take these checks and develop ways to initiate a...

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Posted Thursday July 31, 2014 by hopeshines

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. ~Kofi Annan Hope Shines has accomplished another successful and powerful day of...

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Posted Tuesday July 29, 2014 by hopeshines

In the relatively short time I’ve been with Hope Shines, it amazes me how much they’ve grown from their humble beginnings. It’s an organization that continues to strive, grow, and...

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Sinapisi Day 2

Posted Monday July 28, 2014 by hopeshines

Mahatma Gandhi, peace activist and human rights advocate, once stated, “You must be the change you wish you see in the world.” As Hope Shines volunteers, we are trying our...

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Hope Shines Camp Day 1: Sinapisi, Peace Village

Posted Sunday July 27, 2014 by hopeshines

By Dan Gladden, Executive Director, Hope Shines, Inc. Day one is in the bag! But before todays success we have to talk about our some pre-camp activities. It started with...

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Rwanda Camps 2014 SINAPISI have started!

Posted Saturday July 26, 2014 by hopeshines

Day 1: Orientation, Genocide Memorial and visiting the children! We have 3 new translators this year which is always fun and exciting, along with 2 new volunteers and 2 returning...

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On Our Way…Meeting up with First Volunteer

Posted Wednesday July 23, 2014 by hopeshines

Packing Day, last minute details and then we are off! Hope Shines volunteers are arriving in Kigali today and then the rest of the SINAPISI volunteers will be arriving tomorrow....

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