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who we are

Hope Shines, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the lives of disadvantaged children through supplemental educational programs and health and hygiene education. […]

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what we do

Hope Shines, Inc. strives to offer orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) continuous opportunities for empowerment, encouragement, and supplementary education through meaningful activities with strong role models […]

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take action

By donating or volunteering with Hope Shines Inc., you can help orphans and vulnerable children create a brighter future for themselves and their future families. We need a dynamic, energetic volunteer force […]

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Hope Shines Summer 2014

Hope Shines Summer Sneak Peak 2014

What is Hope Shines?

Do you want to catch a glimpse into Hope Shines, Inc. and a small group of people making a BIG impact? This video provides a look into preparation and execution of our Rwanda Summer Camp Program which is our oldest and most successful program and what started Hope Shines in 2008! See our volunteers, staff and KIDS in action!

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